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If the sands of Sahara with their beautiful textures and the vision of cascading sand down the sand mountains were to be contained in a stone, this would be it! Although this beautiful granite is quarried in the Latin American country of Brazil, it brings the colors of the desert to your house with its beautiful tones of yellow and golden gradients that make it look like a princely stone straight from the heart of Egypt. It has some golden-brown blotches across its yellowish bedrock to add that effect. Like all natural stones, this also has variations in palette and patterns. The slabs and tiles with a predominant yellow base and fewer golden-brown splashes can look very bright and give the appearance of the sun itself. They can be quite reflective as well. A thicker range of dark patches, formed due to iron oxide mineral add a more “serious” look to its loud and vivid bedrock. Some slabs tend to have freckles of white and cream to add a softer touch too. More yellow ones look effervescent and playful and full of energy while ones with predominant dark patches look energetic and yet a little somber. Think a child Vs a teenager!

Some stones may have very saturated parts of the brown-colored mineral, giving it an appearance of a deer’s skin. The toffee-colored slabs are generally a rarity. Not only does this stone have the elegance and striking looks of prince of Persia, it also has similar unassailable strength. It is very durable and one of the most premium qualities of granite. It is also easy to manage and clean and resists water and grease very well. It is especially used a lot for premium kitchen splash-backs due to its loud looks. As striking as it is, it complements rooms and kitchens which have neutral, more subdued tones as it balances those out. It goes well with rustic or modern looking kitchens, especially ones with natural wooden cabinets, pine floors or white accents. It is better to avoid it in a room that has too many bright colors or pieces of furniture as the beauty lies in contrast. While everyone enjoys a charming and confident personality, nobody likes a person who hogs the spotlight. This stone has a personality of its own and stands out without being overbearing.

It is very suitable for climates with very low temperatures as it is frost-resistant as well. It is thereby suitable both for outdoors and indoors. It can be used for fountains, flooring, kitchens, kitchen backsplashes etc. It also has that long-lasting quality one wants in a long-term companion and a very distinct color. It is one of the finest rated granites in the world and its arresting color and strength make it perfect for all those kitchens that desire not to take away the attention from other main attractions in the kitchen and yet have a stone that is striking in its appearance.

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