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The Alluring effect of Granite Countertops

When we think about decorating our homes or offices, we often look for items that are durable and tough. The Granite Countertops is one such stone which is naturally formed and is resistant from any kind of damage. The stone is made out of intense heat and is also very heat resistant, which makes it an ideal choice for kitchen countertops. The Granite Countertops also look elegant and stylish when used as side tables, making it an ideal companion for beautifying any space. The stone is also very kid friendly, as it can protect itself from scratches and accidental spilling.

The Stylish Granite

The sturdy piece of stone is available in a variety of colors and style; one can easily choose the type that suits the interiors of the space. Since the Granite countertops are naturally formed it is free from the bacterial intervention like other stones making it an environmentally friendly option. The stone also requires less labor for maintenance since it can be cleaned very easily. High on hygiene, the stone can help in keeping the area safe and healthy. The stone is acid and moisture resistant which also makes it shine year after year with little care.

Important facts about Granite

The Granite countertops can be manufactured through a machine or by hand. The one’s which are made manually are considered to be better as they have better polishing than their machine counterparts. Seaming the granite is also vital as it enhances the appearance and longevity of the stone and makes it regular. The granite is considered to be rather expensive, but actually, it is not as expensive like the marble and also demands less maintenance compared to marble. The thickness of the granite also does matter a lot as the one having 2cm thickness is more likely to chip than the 3 cm ones. It is always preferable to buy the thicker ones for longevity. The installation of the Granite countertops is very vital as only experienced people can install it properly with proper fit and level.

The Popularity of the Stone

The stone was once an ancient thing to be used as it was heavy and pricey, but the globalization and the availability of cheap labor enhanced the value of the stone. The stone thickness, which was uniform three by four inches thick, was also helpful in making the stone available through containers and making it a global choice. The stones are generally cut on the site and the irregular remains get separated before transportation.

The cut materials are further used as tiles and the waste also gets minimized. Although the transportation cost of the stone is high, but the majority of the price is made up by the low cost of the stone.

The Granite countertops is extensively used all over the world also because it increases the resale value of any space and is considered as safe, practical and highly durable. The stone is the most desired choice of people all across the country and once the expensive and opulent material is now a cheap and readily available material.

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