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Three Ways Quartz Countertops Help You Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Quartz has been touted as an appealing material to use for countertops. It is one of the best materials to use for countertops according to experts. There are other advantages to using quartz countertops such as the durability of quartz. Quartz is also less porous which means it can stay cleaner. However, one of the drawbacks is that quartz is a bit more expensive than granite. When cleaning your quartz countertop, it is more certain that the countertop is actually being cleaned. This should be of great relief to you since germs can spread fast in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Since quartz is non-porous it has a higher resistance to staining than other materials that are used to make countertops. More specifically, quartz can resist staining better than marble, granite and concrete. Quartz can stand up to coffee, juice and other types of drinks. Since the quartz is non-porous, this means that the quartz will not keep in bacteria and other harmful germs that can grow and eventually end up making you and your family sick. Another benefit of quartz is that it does not chip as easily as granite and other materials do. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Quartz countertops are easier to maintain as a whole. This means that it will keep your kitchen looking in great shape. Quartz countertops do not need any special coatings or anything of the sort to keep them maintained. Granite countertops do need these special coatings though. In addition, quartz requires much less effort to clean. All you need to do to keep the quartz countertop clean is to wipe the countertop down with a paper towel or some other item used for cleaning surfaces. Granite requires intense scrubbing and much more maintenance.

In order to clean these surfaces in the first place, it is best to use soap and water. If you do need to clean a stain off of your countertop, you should use a glass cleaner and a sponge to get the stains off. As mentioned before, you do not need to use any sealings or any special coatings to keep the countertop clean. Abrasives, acid cleaners, and other similar products should be nowhere near your countertop (especially quartz) at any time ever. Do not cut food without a cutting board either. This has been known to damage the surface of the countertop too.

Quartz countertops can do a lot to keep your kitchen and your house clean. Quartz countertops are not as porous as other countertop materials are and less effort is required to clean them. Since they are less porous, they can stand up to spills and food better than many other countertop materials can. Quartz countertops are also easier to maintain and do not require as much time or money to keep them looking good. In spite of this, quartz is not invulnerable and there are still certain things we should not do on quartz countertops such as cutting without a cutting board. With this knowledge, you should be convinced to get a quartz countertop.

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