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Titanium Granite

This Titanium Granite has a rich black shade with a delightful mix of white and gold swirls. The crystallization forms different patterns of gold, creams and silver, in each slab — so you can choose from a variety of patterns to find the right fit for your needs.

The timeless black gives the same rich finish, even if your kitchen is not very bright. This classic color goes with all interiors and kitchen themes including modern, monotone and classic. It is hard and durable and last for years too!

Its crystallization on black ensures that no fingerprints, dust or smudges are visible after cleaning. It makes this a perfect companion for your kitchen if you do not like high-maintenance countertops. The gold adds royal finish to your kitchen and the black adds that everlasting look that you need for your dream kitchen.

But why stop at just the kitchen?

This piece of perfection can be used for all sorts of design projects. Add a touch of glamour to your stairs or use it for those artsy wall designs—it allows versatility like no other! Bring that regal charm to your fountains or strength to your pools because with this piece—you can! If you are looking for something with multiple uses, timeless charm, durability and ease to maintain—look no further because “Titanium Granite” is your perfect fit.

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