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Toffee Pol Silestone

Toffee Pol Silestone is a quartz stone surface with a delicate consistency of 94 percent of the naturally-occurring mineral. Quartz crystallizes in this stone to form an extremely strong and durable material that endures every test time throws at it. Available in a lot of different colors like Jasmine, Gold, Jasmine, Arden Blue, Black and Stellar Grey, it offers variety like no other. Whether you crave the hue of ivory elegance of Taj Mahal or a semblance of brown tint of the Coliseum–with Toffee Pol Silestone you can get it all.

This is the only stone that is not only stain-resistant but also has an anti-bacterial layer that adds another shield of protection in your home against diseases. It is highly easy to maintain and requires very little care. Its extraordinary hygiene makes it a remarkable innovation and a topnotch candidate for kitchen countertops. It’s especially great in households with toddlers and infants as it protects from illnesses that spread through bacteria.

Available in different series, colors and gradients, Toffee Siltstone also offers options for patterns. Patterns ranging from small dots, simply plain & discreet or with some texture effect are available—all of them being as exquisite as the others.  Its polished finish is an ageless exemplary and radiates smooth velvety feel for a modern kitchen. It is a glossy finish that adds a sleek glow to the stone to make it appear brighter and make it reflect more light for your kitchen to appear well-lit. Carrying a lot of the properties of its ancestor, Suede finish adds a leathery look to the stone that makes it a great companion not only for the kitchen but also the living room. It complements leather furniture very well. It maintains the smooth feel of the polished finish, while adding a texture to it to bring a different level of elegance to your home. The newest addition to the texture series, the Volcano finish gives off a rugged look of the edges of a dormant volcano. It is more textured than the Suede finish and is perfect for those that desire a dramatic rugged look for their home.

This ageless piece makes a great pal for design projects due to the wide array of textures and colors that are available. Its versatility comes off in its availability of thickness as well. It is available in 2mm, 20mm, 30mm and 50mm variants.  It has a sure shot success of lasting and impressing—so much so that it comes with a 10 year warranty.  It complements all sort of kitchen cabinetry and adds an unworldly elegance to your kitchen with its gorgeous texture(s) and finish. If you have an eye for novelty and unique hues–this is your stone soul mate!

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