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Top Kitchen & Bathroom Trend: White Countertops

One of the central pieces of every kitchen is the countertop. For most homeowners, a neutral countertop that looks fresh and clean is important, and white continues to be a top trend in both kitchen and bathroom remodels. So why is white so popular?  Well, for obvious reasons, it goes with everything.  You can’t go wrong pairing a white countertop with any style or color of cabinetry. Also, as mentioned, it’s clean and fresh, and helps brighten up the home.

Besides giving out an aura of calm and peaceful energies, this soothing color may be a very practical purchase. It’s highly marketable and great for resale. Because it is always in trend, the resale value is a huge advantage. Even if the new owner of the house wants to scrap off your old cabinetry and add their own, they can still do so because white countertops would go with whatever color they pick too.

If you love the look of fresh white countertops, there are plenty of choices to choose from at our showroom. In addition to the color of countertop, it’s important to also consider cost, time and maintenance. There are beautiful options on every end of the spectrum, from white quartz options that are cost effective, to durable granites, or white, natural marble slabs. Our showroom offers a number of marble selections, including the likes of Carrara, Statuario Venato and Calcatta Gold. With many more options, one can bring the historic elegance of marble home no matter what the budget or preference.

Statuario Venato
Statuario Venato Marble Takes Elegance In Fabrication To The Next Level

As elegant as marble may be, granite stone is a sturdier option. With stunning designs like White Persa, Delicatus White, Mystery White and many more – we boast of a huge selection of white granite. It’s sturdy, it’s elegant and there are so many white options to choose from, you will find the perfect slab you’re searching for.

If you are worried about regularly sealing natural stones, you might want to consider Quartz. Its popularity has shot up in the last few years because of its indubitable strength and ease of maintenance. Because you don’t have to worry about bacteria, abrasion or even seams, quartz may be an ideal addition to your kitchen.

We are proud suppliers of a huge range of Quartz materials – MSI Quartz, Silestone, Cambria and Caesarstone—we offer a huge range of white colored quartz slabs.

With options like Calacatta Laza, Carrara Marmi, Fairy White, MSI emulates the elegance of marble with a much more resilient stone. One of the largest suppliers and producers of countertops in the U.S, MSI has a reputation that can be trusted.

And, Silestone is so sure of its quality that it offers a 25 year guarantee. Choose from their stunning selection of white options like White Storm, Iconic White, Lyra, Arctic and many more.

With unique properties and designs, every stone offers a class of its own. Still need help deciding which white stone to pick for your home?  We understand how overwhelming it can be! Come visit us at USA Marble and Granite and let our experienced professionals show you our large selection of white countertop options. We are here to help!

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