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Top Scenic Views Near Jessup

Jessup might be a small town but has always been a popular stop for traders and all sorts of other travellers between Baltimore and the nation’s capital. Among them, George Washington was especially known to favor the landscape and the townsfolk here. And that wasn’t without good reason.


The mighty general, one of many heroes who made America’s independence a reality, often took shelter at Spurrier’s Tavern once stood near Jessup in late 18th century as the first U.S. president.


Years later, visitors to this part of Maryland are returning home equally fond of their trips. The town reserves particular recognition for sitting close to several sites where both residents and visitors alike enjoy picturesque views.


Here are some of those best spots that they frequent:


Lake Elkhorn Park


With a drive under 10 minutes from Jessup, people love to arrive at Lake Elkhorn Park near Columbia. The lake, a 37-acre reservoir, and the surrounding natural life remain fascinating year-round. It makes a perfect site for day trips for both couples and larger groups. And it is not unusual to see joggers, bikers, skaters, kayakers etc. take their fair share of the comfort around. An absolute must-see!


Patuxent Branch Trail


Even closer to Jessup than Lake Elkhorn and is arguably as beautiful is Patuxent Branch Trail. Its runs for about three to four miles along the Little Patuxent River and includes a perfectly ‘Instagrammable’ half-wooden-half-steel bridge over the water. The trail is a real hit among hiking and nature enthusiasts. Spotting geese, ducks, squirrels and even deer besides glaringly colorful vegetation is an everyday business for them.


Patapsco State Park


And yet, the real jewel for those who are on a hunt for scenic views near Jessup is the Swinging Bridge at Patapsco State Park. It is a suspension bridge with a wooden deck over the Patapsco River just next to the ruins of the 19th-century Orange Grove Flour Mill. Together, they make one of the most popular attractions in the entire region. The views of the river, the bridge, the ruins and the woodland that surround all them are nothing less than spectacular.


Pleasant Drives to Take


If you are, however, not much into hiking but rather look for unforgettable views to observe from inside your vehicles, you can take solace in the knowledge that there are also scenic roads to hit near Jessup. Howard County, where a part of the town is located, has done us a great service to put all those roads in the region on a high-resolution map. There, you can view all the nearby routes you can follow for outstanding natural features and historic association. If you like, start with Bonnie Branch and New Cut Roads that converge into the neighboring Ellicott City.

Come on; get behind the wheel and get going! Time, otherwise, will never be an ally!

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