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Viscount White Granite

The thing about modern kitchen design is that a lot of modular kitchens hinge a lot on natural stones to bring out a contemporary feel. As a natural stone, Viscount White Granite occupies a cornerstone position for present-day countertops.

Quarried in a town called Madanapalle in the Southern part of the Indian peninsula, this gorgeous class of granite brings that Indian royalty and radiance to your home. Its lively stripes of distinct sizes and black-and-white combination mottle dramatically across a layer of black backcloth, giving off a velvety modern look.

The Viscount White granite is great  for bringing out a cozy look as it harmonizes with wall colour and its animated white stripes add an illusion of calming presence of running water in the room. It is popular with fabricators as well as interior decorators that pick out exquisite bathroom vintage tops, bathtub surrounds and shower surrounds. This elegant stone reflects light to make bathrooms capture the luminance of the sun or bathroom lights. This makes this type of granite well-suited for every part of the residence.

This bright piece is also one of the hardest materials on the planet because of the industrious effort that nature puts for millenniums to create one piece of this spectacular stone. It is timeless not only in its looks but also usage as it lasts for years and is very durable.

Its monotone look allows it to be multipurpose in its use in all projects. It is perfect for outdoors as it serves as a great slab for grill surrounds with beer taps to derive wholesome family entertainment. It is also very resistant to both wear and tear by water and heat—making it a perfect companion for busy kitchens and busy people.

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