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What Are Top Trends of Quartz Countertops in Fairfax?

Quartz countertops are extensively popular countertop options among homeowners across Fairfax county. An engineered product, quartz provides an affordable yet equally beautiful alternative to natural stone. It also pays off to be aware of the top trends of quartz countertops in Fairfax before deciding.

Its manufacturing process involves combining approximately 95% ground quartz, one of the hardest minerals on the planet, with a mixture of polymer resins. The result is an incredibly durable stone-like surface that can withstand everyday wear and tear with little to no maintenance. Quartz’s characteristics open limitless possibilities in terms of patterns and designs. A more comprehensive color range, unique designs, and high-end look make it an attractive option for almost every homeowner in Fairfax. 

If you have decided to buy quartz for your kitchen countertop, then these top trends of quartz countertops in Fairfax will help you make a more balanced choice.

Neutral Color Tones

Neutral tones are among the top trends of quartz countertops in Fairfax. Once considered the mark of a well-maintained kitchen, vibrant colors are receding in the background while the more neutral tones take up the central stage. Newer trends favor white, grey, black, and beige.

While natural stones are an excellent choice for neutral color tones, quartz also provides a good alternative. Its natural stone feel, combined with a neutral tone like white or gray, provides an aesthetic look to the kitchen.

Many homeowners increasingly prefer the cream and white and the taupe shades of a quartz countertop to give their kitchen an understated muted look. Besides, a neutral tone quartz countertop paired with a well-lit kitchen environment induces a welcoming feel.

Marble Like Appearance

The divine beauty of marble makes it a common choice as a top countertop material in most kitchens. Similarly, marble-like finishes are one of the top trends of quartz countertops in Fairfax.

While many homeowners desire a marble kitchen countertop, most of them can’t afford it or step back due to its high maintenance. Quartz is a material that could attain a similar smoothness and luxury finish without costing a fortune. This factor alone plays a huge role in choosing quartz.

Owing to its engineered manufacturing, quartz can easily mimic marble’s characteristics, appearance, and unique veining pattern. Those who cannot afford the natural beauty of marble should opt for quartz countertops with a close resemblance to marble.

Waterfall Design Countertops

As the name suggests, quartz kitchen countertops are known for their sweeping slab designs that create a waterfall effect onto each side of an island or countertop. Needless to say, waterfall designs are among the top trends of quartz countertops in Fairfax.

The quartz material that is used for the top of the island extends down to both sides, touches the floor at the bottom, and creates pleasing lines for the eye. 

Besides providing a clean look, waterfall countertops protect the cabinets beneath from any potential damage. However, you should remember that quartz is prone to heat so you need to be careful with pots and pans. Hence, it’s crucial to consider the pros and cons of quartz countertops before deciding.

Beautiful Backsplash

Backsplash Top Trends Quartz Countertops Fairfax
Photo By Sidekix Media On Unsplash

To complement the kitchen countertop and add a unique theme to the kitchen, more and more people opt for a backsplash made of the same materials. The backsplash made of quartz is breathtakingly beautiful, just like the countertop.

For instance, for a more balanced look, the backsplash is being made up of a larger quartz slab that reaches up to the ceiling.

A quartz countertop paired with a quartz backsplash brings in a more integrative look. Also, a broader, ceiling-length backsplash provides an easy and beautiful replacement for cabinet space above the stove.

Shiny Leather look

For a more dramatic appearance, many people are opting for quartz countertops with a leather look. Instead of a rugged stone look, the leather finish adds a smoother and softer appearance to the kitchen. Besides, the darker tone of the leather perfectly hides away everyday stains, fingerprints and keeps the pristine look of quartz for a longer time. 


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