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What Do You Need to Know Before Purchasing Granite?

Granite countertops can significantly improve the resale value of your home. Whether you install it in your kitchen or your bathroom, you are sure to get a good return on your investment. However, there are some things that you should know before purchasing granite for your home.

By researching your countertop material properly beforehand, you can make sure that you choose the best granite countertops for your bathroom or kitchen remodel. In this guide, we will enlist every critical fact you need to know before purchasing granite slabs for your bathroom or kitchen remodel.


Your First Granite Selection Is Quite Possibly the Best One

Granite Bathroom Countertop Near Me

If you are reading this article, you might have visited several kitchen countertop stores near you and checked out various granite slabs already. During any of these visits, did you happen to like one particular granite slab a lot? Perhaps you felt that it matches your kitchen or bathroom’s overall design well.

Maybe the designer you are working with recommended this slab as well. Nonetheless, you could be hesitating to buy this slab right away because you are afraid of missing out on a better option elsewhere.

In this situation, many people tend to get even more confused when they explore other stores and specimens. Most of them end up going back and buying the very first granite slab they looked at.

Yes, the very first granite slab you liked is the one that deserves to become a part of your kitchen or bathroom. You will surely cherish it for years down the line. Trusting your instinct is one of the first things you must know before purchasing granite kitchen countertops.


Choose Functionality Over Design

Granite Countertop Designn

Many granite slabs are interspersed with tiny, glittery flakes of mica, along with golden and copper-colored crystals. However, you should know that a kitchen’s functionality is much more important than the color of granite countertops.

Contrary to what most people expect, the glittering mica and gold crystals you see are quite brittle. Usually known as Schist stones, they are highly vulnerable to chipping and cracking.

Moreover, they are quite expensive as well. As a result, you will be purchasing a costly granite slab that will quickly get damaged when subjected to mechanical stresses.

Experts claim that granite slabs having Schist stones are not even eligible to be called true granite. They may be fit to be installed in basements or offices, but certainly not in a kitchen.

The granite countertops in your kitchen need to be durable enough to withstand all the impacts they will inevitably face in your kitchen. If you work with a reliable granite fabricator, you will need to know about the downsides of using Schist stones in a kitchen remodel.


Granite Needs Regular Care

Caring For Granite

The significance of cleaning and maintaining granite regularly is one of the most important things you need to know before purchasing granite.

Whether you choose a granite countertop for your bathroom or kitchen, it is your responsibility to maintain it well and take good care of it. You can ask the kitchen countertop store near you for more details in this regard.

Every surface is different and has individual unique requirements that you need to fulfill. Make sure that you have the right tools and knowledge right from the beginning.

Fortunately, granite and other alternatives to granite are very sturdy and durable. They don’t really demand you to spend a lot of time caring for them. You just need to buy the right tools to clean, polish, and seal your granite countertops.

In case of spills, you can polish your countertops using these products to maintain their looks and stop harming them. Seal them as required to keep them looking new for a long period of time.

Furthermore, there are plenty of granite care products available in the market for the use of granite and all other natural stone surfaces. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding and buying one.


Set the Right Expectations

Granite Countertop In Bathroom

This is another vital fact you must know before choosing the perfect kitchen countertop. Otherwise, you could certainly end up disappointed. In fact, some granite slabs are so beautifully designed that, in the store, they appear to be wholesome works of art by themselves.

Nevertheless, remember that you also have to cut and fabricate the slabs into countertops to fit your cabinets. Consequently, what you finally get may look very different from what you saw in the store.

Before you decide regarding your granite slab, have a proper discussion with your granite fabricator. Get the complete layout of your kitchen countertops, and see whether your choice fits in that scheme or not.

Stylish granite slabs with flowing patterns are usually better choices for large kitchen islands or peninsulas rather than countertops. Make sure you go for an option that suits your needs aptly.


Choosing the Right Granite Slab Is Not the End

Even after you choose the perfect slab of granite countertop for your kitchen remodel, your work is not done. As mentioned above, keep in mind that this slab needs to be cut and fabricated into kitchen countertops. That is something which depends on your fabricators.

You should ensure that the fabricator you choose is experienced, respectful, and knows what they are doing. Otherwise, all your hard work will go in vain. When you’re buying granite for your kitchen or bathroom, you need to be patient with the process and make the right decisions to avoid costly mistakes. 


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