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White Carrara Marble

Be it the Marble Arch in London or the Harvard Medical School Building in Massachusetts, the use of the majestic white marble is seen everywhere in contemporary buildings. It is immortal and ageless as a construction material, and it has been used for centuries. Its name comes from the city of Carrara – an ancient city in Italy. Even the name beholds the tales of this classic stone as it speaks of its mammoth history of use in medieval Rome.

This iconic Italian marble has shades of gray and white and ivory combines like a dream with black running across its body in subtle shadowy veins. Its vivid white body reflects light brilliantly—making it perfect for use to add that gossamer look to any residential or commercial establishment. Unlike most naturally occurring stones that have a lot of variation from slab to slab, this metamorphic classic maintains its superiority in its homogeneity—so whatever slab you take home, you know it has the same charm that all other slabs have.

White Carrara is a timeless warrior not only because of its sleek white hue, but also because of its strength and durability.  It is available in polished finish that adds a fresh smooth feel to it, refining it even more.  It is frequently used in building décor and sculptures and garden waterfall islands. Its everyday uses include adding a luxurious white accent to walls, floor tiles and bathtub surrounds. Not only is it multi-purpose but can also be used in all climates. It can be even used in freezing ones without a care as this beauty is much more than that: it lasts through everything! If you are looking for something that is an embodiment of glorious beauty &luxuriousness, and combines that with the resilience of a never-dying mystical warrior—take home this White Carrara today.

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